January 4, 2009

NEW!--Slice of Life Sessions

Slice of Life Sessions
I am often asked by clients:"When is the best age to photograph my baby?" My response: "RIGHT NOW before they grow anymore!"

It is very easy to put things off when you're a new mommy. However, you do not want to regret not capturing those little features when your baby is a newborn or as they amazingly grow through the first stages of their life right before your eyes. You might be so tired and overwhelmed with this new addition to your life that it's hard to think about scheduling these portraits. My advice – schedule them ahead of time, so you will have these memories to cherish forever.

If I had to pick the best ages to photograph your baby, they would be:

These should be taken in the first week of life or at least within the first two weeks. We focus on the innocent nature of the baby during this session. We make sure we get detailed shots of all of the little baby pieces & parts, lots of bare skin images, sweet photos of mom and dad (and siblings) with the baby, and some sleeping images around the house –We can be as creative with these as you wish!

This is when your baby is starting to look around and smile, giggle, and maybe roll over for the first time. They are showing much more personality and they gaze into the camera for some amazing shots.

*6-9 months
We schedule this session once the baby is sitting up well. This allows us to be more creative with our portraits. We can usually get their attention fairly easily and they are so cute trying to do things on their own.

They are walking, talking, and exploring like never before! We like to capture all your child's favorite things to do during this session. You could even have a birthday cake for them to eat at the end of our session for some more memories of your child turning 1 year old.

- are always your choice. I love photographing in the home. This makes each session more personal and unique.

Props – we have some props of our own but we love photographing items in the nursery, favorite toys, keepsakes, or gifts. Monograms are great on clothing and props! Be sure to pull those out during our sessions.

With each “Slice of Life session” I will also include photo collages that will look amazing hung side by side in the child’s room or anywhere else in your home.

Another package in the works is our Belly to Baby sessions – Expecting photos are also a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture! More info to come.

Please email me at kristen@overbayphotography.net for more information and pricing. You can expect a nice discount for booking these multiple sessions! Dates can be flexible. So shoot me an email. Trust me, you will be glad you did.

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